When you’re compiling the list of ‘must-have’ shots for your wedding day don’t forget about the detail photographs. These may not be as iconic as a portrait of the bride and groom coming down the aisle or the cake cutting but they can be almost as essential when it comes to telling the story of your day.

As any bride will tell you, a lot of time and effort goes into the ‘design’ of a wedding; the flowers, table decorations, stationary, even the selection of dishes for the wedding breakfast will all say something about a couples style and it’s important to capture a record of these elements.

A good photographer will cover most of the details as a matter of course but will also talk to you before the day to make sure that the items most important to you are captured. I always like to know when friends or family are involved in the creative process, making the cake for instance, because then I’ll give that particular aspect special attention. Quite often the contribution is being made as a gift so a lovely framed photograph makes a great ‘thank-you’.

It’s possible, in years to come, that the only memory you have of your wedding details will be provided by your wedding photographs so liaise with your photographer to make sure you keep yours.