The Fear of a Rainy Wedding

at a lot of my consultations I’m asked for rainy wedding advice. Most couples I meet will be nervous about the wedding ceremony and have butterflies about the first dance. But what really seems to fill them with dread is the possibility of rain on their wedding day.

I always say that in over twenty years I have never covered a wedding that was spoilt by weather. Part of the joy of living on this wonderful Island is developing the ability to adapt to four seasons in one day.

However, if rain does arrive on your wedding day it’s best to have some contingency in place.

First of all, you won’t be surprised to hear that good protection against rain is an umbrella. We all have a brolly hanging around the house or in the boot of the car, but these are usually inappropriate for the bride on her wedding day. Golfing brollies in reds and yellows with a large insurance company logo won’t complement your beautiful dress.

Umbrella Advice

My advice is to go to eBay and invest in some large ‘white’ umbrellas These will not only keep you dry but look really nice in photographs too. Buy six or so, this way all the wedding party will be protected under the same type of brolly. This will make for better photographs.

Having umbrellas mean that you will stay dry on your walk from the church to the car and from the car into your reception venue. You will also get some great photographs of the bride/bride & groom using the cover of the brolly.

More rainy wedding advice is to speak to your reception venue and ask if they have an area you can use for photographs in case of rain. Most will have a staircase or ante-room where the photographer can set up and capture portraits of the bride & groom and the family groups.

It might also be a good idea to check that your photographer is comfortable with lighting indoor set-ups. Ask them at the consultation stage to show you some weddings shot.


The photograph of the bride arriving at church was shot in Richmond-upon-Thames. The other three were all from weddings at Nonsuch Mansion.

bridal party arrives for ceremony sheltering under umbrellas
bride and groom leave wedding ceremony under umbrella