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iPhone Photographs

I’ve owned an iPhone for a couple of years now and over that time have captured thousands of images using the intergrated camera. What sets the iPhone apart from other camera phones I’ve used is the ability to ‘process’ the images using one (or more) of the many Apps on offer and then upload them to Twitter, Facebook or even my blog.

Although images produced this way are of relatively low resolution compared to those from my professional kit, this doesn’t matter and really isn’t the point. For me they are more immediate and work as ‘final art’.

These galleries exhibit a cross section of the work I’ve produced and include photographs of my cats, my wife and my wife’s horses as well as images captured on my journeys around London and beyond. I’ve loosely arranged the photographs into 5 galleries which reflects the subject matter that seem to occur most often.

Some of the work has been displayed before, on my blog and on other websites and I’m often asked which Apps I’ve used for particular images. Well, it’s difficult to remember precise processing ‘recipes’ and in some cases I use multiple Apps to get the effect I want but I have listed below the Apps I use most frequently:



Best Camera


Pic Grunger