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I love photographing weddings…

Portrait of Lloyd Dobbie Photographer

 Wedding Photography

I love photographing weddings and I work hard to make sure that this shows through in the quality of the work I deliver to my clients.

Although I’ve been commissioned to photograph more than 300 weddings over the last 12 years I still find something new every time as no two weddings are ever the same. Each occasion is a different blend of venue, church, flowers and, of course, the two ‘stars’ and the supporting cast!

It’s this variety and the spontaneity it produces that keeps me inspired and passionate about my wedding photography. I’ve photographed intimate weddings where only a handful of people were present and I’ve photographed large celebrations where the guest list runs into hundreds! Although I work mostly in London I’m often asked to photograph weddings across the UK and Europe.

I believe that capturing the story of a wedding day is about observation, being aware of what’s going on around me and seeing what many others just don’t notice. It’s about having the ability to capture the scene in front of me using my understanding of light and the photographic craft.  It’s not about interfering or trying to ‘direct’ the proceedings but allowing the day to unfold and capturing the story as faithfully a possible.

I’m convinced that the editing process after the wedding day is as important as the taking of the photographs that’s why I spend a lot of time on this part of the creative process. The end result is a collection of images that are of the best quality (both creatively and technically) and describe the story of your day as you remember it.

I promise to never compromise on quality and believe that your wedding photographs should exceed your expectations and be the best possible record of your wedding day.

Finally, I never lose sight of the fact that, although I have photographed hundreds of weddings, only one wedding matters to you.


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