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Fulham Palace – A Versatile Wedding Venue

The fabulous frontage of Fulham Palace

 A Variety of Wedding Spaces

A flower girl takes a walk in the grounds of Fulham Palace


Fulham Palace is one of the more versatile wedding venues that I work at. It has a variety of rooms and spaces that can be used for one or more aspects of a wedding day and for the wedding photography.

The grounds of Fulham Palace have lawns, woodland and a very picturesque walled garden and there is also a nearby walk along the banks of the Thames.

A bride poses in the beautiful grounds of Fulham Palace

A bride and groom outside the walled garden at Fulham Palace


Inside the house there are some very photogenic areas including the main stairway from the bridal room and the beautiful chapel which can be used for wedding blessings.

The bride on the stairway of Fulham Palace

A wedding blessing in the chapel at Fulham Palace


These next three images show the Bishop Terrick’s Drawing Room which has gorgeous natural light and can be used for ceremonies or as a break out room. As you can see below, it also makes an excellent location for a bar.

A wedding ceremony in the Bishop Terrick’s Drawing Room

The bar set up in the Bishop Terrick’s drawing Room


The Great Hall is the centre of the Palace and is used for ceremonies, as a dining room and also for the evening’s festivities.

The Great Hall at Fulham Palace ready to host a wedding ceremony

A live band play at a wedding reception at Fulham Palace

The Great Hall during the first dance at Fulham Palace


The marquee which is located in the Chaplain’s Garden can be used for the wedding breakfast and then adapted later with the addition of a dance floor.

The marquee ready for the wedding breakfast at Fulham Palace

The marquee with a wedding reception in full swing

The courtyard at Fulham Palace


The Courtyard at Fulham Palace, which is the first area the wedding guests will see, is a great area to host a drinks reception. And, as you can see, with the addition of some creative lighting, offers a wonderful backdrop for a portrait of the bride and groom.

The Courtyard at Fulham Palace hosting a wedding reception

A bride and groom in the Fulham Palace courtyard at night

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