Wedding Flowers at Fulham Palace

florist creates wedding bouquet at fulham palace

Tove from Mary Jane Vaughan works on a wedding bouquet

I have photographed wedding flowers at Fulham Palace on many occasions for many different weddings and when the guys at Mary Jane Vaughan asked me if I would photograph some of their latest wedding ideas for their new cards I eagerly accepted.

We photographed a mixture of bouquets and table designs using the gorgeous natural light inside Fulham Palace.

I will post some of the images here in due course but for the time being above is a photograph I took of Tove from MJV preparing one of the bouquets.



Portrait of an Actor

happy portrait of actor Paul trussell

Paul does “Happy’


serious portrait of actor Paul trussell

Paul does ‘Serious’


sad portrait of actor Paul trussell

Paul does ‘Sad’


A couple of weeks ago my friend Paul Trussell asked me if I could take a some photographs of him. Paul is a (very talented) actor and writer and needed some up to date portraits for his Spotlight profile.

I was only to pleased to say ‘yes’ as I knew that not only would I get some great photographs but I would  get to laugh a lot too!

This sequence of shots came about midway through our shoot when we were having some fun; I love the three contrasting moods Paul displays, all within a matter of seconds.

To keep up with Paul’s latest projects follow his Twitter feed @PaulTruss


Engagement Shoot – Nonsuch Mansion

engagement portrait of couple at nonsuch mansion

Engagement portrait at Nonsuch Mansion

I just thought I would share this image from an engagement shoot I photographed recently at Nonsuch Mansion .

I’m lucky enough to be photographing Debs and Pete’s wedding at Nonsuch at the end of March and this shoot was by way of a warm-up for them both!

We captured some great photographs in and around the mansion and the one I’ve chosen is my particular favourite as it shows them looking very relaxed and ‘together’.

I love using black and white for portraits and I think it works especially well here with the dark tops the couple are wearing drawing your eye towards their faces. The North Porch of Nonsuch Mansion is an under used backdrop but the non-directional lighting on the neutral toned brickwork makes for a lovely outdoor studio.